Oversikt over kranulykker

Oversikt over ulike hendelser og ulykker med kraner finnes på

Under ser du eksempler på hendelser med tårnkran i Sydney og mobilkran i Norge.

Flat top snap

The top of a flat top tower crane – jib, cab, counter jib – broke free from its tower at a site at Smeaton Grange near Campbelltown on the southwest side of Sydney, Australia on Sunday.

The entire episode was captured on video – see below – watching it you might be forgiven for initially assuming that the incident occurred while the crane, a Comedil CTT561 was being erected.
But no it has been working on the site at Smeaton Grange since July. The failure is down to a connection pin/bolt or other failure between the tower and slew ring section. How or why it failed like this when out of service and calm days is the focus of an investigation by the rental company operating the crane – Reds Global and the authorities.

Thankfully no one was injured in the incident, more to due to the fact that the site was closed than anything else.

Crane overturn in Norway

A five axle All Terrain crane overturned near Sande – due south of Drammen, Norway on Tuesday – November 12th – crushing two vans from a tower crane company and narrowly missing a truck cab. Miraculously no one was actually hurt in the incident.


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